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RFLA christian apparel

We're more than just a brand – we're a community rooted in love.

All About Us

About Us

Welcome to Rebelle Fleur, LA's fitness apparel boutique, where faith and fitness converge. Inspired by the scripture in Numbers 14:8, we strive to bring balance to our community through health, wellness, and spiritual fulfillment.

Our Mission

At Rebelle Fleur, LA, our mission is to uplift individuals from all backgrounds and walks of life with open arms and warm hearts. We aim to foster an expressive community where we spread awareness of self through wholesome practices like nutrition, exercise, prayer, meditation, and affirmations. By addressing both spiritual and physical needs, we help individuals gain control over their lives, promoting healing from within.

Our Approach

We recognize the holistic nature of human existence, considering emotional, mental, social, and environmental health factors. Our goal is to inspire and empower each other, rejecting society's unrealistic standards and embracing the inherent beauty bestowed upon us by our Creator.

Faith and Fitness

This journey isn't just about physical transformation—it's about nurturing your body, mind, and spirit. Our apparel serves as a reminder that your body is a temple, a sacred vessel entrusted to you by God. By wearing Milk and Honey, you’re choosing to nourish it, cherish it, and wear your crown with pride, knowing you are a beloved child of the Most High.

Join Us

We believe that each individual is fearfully and wonderfully made, deserving of love, respect, and acceptance. Join us on this journey of faith, love, and self-discovery. Together, let's shine bright as the lights of the world, adorned with the grace and beauty of our Creator.


Thank you for being part of our community. Let's embrace God's abundant blessings and guidance as we journey through life, nourishing our bodies and souls in the land of Milk and Honey.

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